New Year Resolutions

Poker has given me the opportunity to see the world, make new friends, expand my horizons, have new experiences. 2019 was indeed an interesting year. Each year I have given myself resolutions and I am proud that I did all of them last year. Hopefully I am not just growing old year by year, I am growing up.

I’ve learned from first hand experience how important game selection is. Unfortunately it seems the games here now are drying up. So 2020 might be a challenging year for finding good games. It was nice to be able to settle down a bit, finally could tell people a place I was based in. But it looks like we might be back to the nomadic lifestyle.

1) Seek alternative source of income
This year I hope to reduce my reliance on poker winnings and have some other income as supplement. Where this income is going to come from, I don’t know yet. But I am working on a few projects.

beautiful stack of poker chips

2) Remain degen-free for 2020
There were a few times I was tempted in 2019. Someone shared a fixed UFC match and indeed the tip was true. A few times after a rough grind, the blackjack table called out to me when I walked pass. But I know it will pull me into a bad spiral if I do so.

3) Be profitable in tournaments
I foresee myself playing fewer tournaments this year. However thanks to a couple of decent scores, I manage a small profit for tournaments in 2019. But once you include travel costs, and opportunity costs (time away from cash games), then it was not a good investment. This year I hope to play once in a while but manage a profit from my time.

beautiful stack of poker chips

4) To be healthier and lose weight
After committing to two soccer games a week, I can feel myself getting fitter. Still have some weight to lose but my stamina is better. I am eating healthier too but the occasional trip to Manila does not help.

5) Give to those less fortunate and inspire others to do so
Money is important, and sometimes hard to come by. But the value of money differs from one to another. Everyday I come across the whole spectrum. From the aunty to sleeps on the sidewalk near the casino to the guy who spends USD 1200 for a few grams of coke. I pledge to continue to give on my profiting months.

I am going to start 2020 with a bang. January is going to be an interesting month for me, stay tuned and I will be sharing what I will do. Hopefully it’s the beginning of a great year.