Live poker is illegal where I live. Therefore I have to travel to play legitimate poker games. And one of the headaches is where to stay. Where can you find safe, affordable, convenient, comfortable accommodation? Let me give you a rough guide. Check out my YouTube video on Poker in Manila.

I recently just returned from Manila. Manila is a great place to play live poker due to the following reasons:
– Plenty of games to choose from (Resorts World, COD, Solaire, Okada, Metro, Masters)
– Plenty of different stakes (from US$0.50/1 to bigger games)
– Tables are pretty soft (not many grinders go there because most games are too small to be sustainable)

poker Manila

Wanna feel like a millionaire? Their biggest denomination is 1000 pesos, which is like US$30.

Manila can be a dangerous city if you’re not street smart. Word of advice, keep a low profile, no bling bling, fancy jewelry or camera on your neck otherwise you’ve just painted yourself a target. Take taxis that drive by. Taxis that are parked there for a long time most likely is there waiting for a sucker. One of the best taxi companies is called RYOAKI (the white taxi with rainbow stripes) Therefore when it comes to accommodation, I usually prefer walking distance from the casino I am going to. But most hotels in Manila are super expensive. Even more expensive than Macau standards. But depending on your budget, you can live like a king, or have a decent place but doesn’t break your bank.

Resorts World Manila – Airbnb (recommended – search for Pasay City or even Resorts World), Marriott (Luxury) or Belmont (Not cheap but very nice)

City of Dreams – Hyatt or Nobu (Luxury), Red Planet (Decent hotel and affordable but need a 5 minute taxi ride), Heritage (budget 5 minutes by taxi but not a great neighbourhood)

Solaire – Solaire (luxury with cool ceiling to floor windows), Airbnb (recommended – search Solaire or Mall of Asia)

poker Manila

Pretty soft games at Resorts World but small stakes

I think I will make a separate guide for other poker destinations. Overall I would say Airbnb is your best bet for quality, safety and price. Still expect to pay like US$40-50 per night. Hotels are pretty expensive and not as good as the price you’re paying for it. However if you really want to book a hotel, I suggest contacting the guys at They have the best rate, better than Agoda, and any online sites.