What is Hendon Mob, in a nutshell?

The Hendon Mob is the easiest way to find out who is who among tournament poker players worldwide. For live poker tournaments, most major organizers submit their event details including venue, event name, buy-in and a list of players who cashed, their rank and winnings. All these results are tabulated into a giant database, and that database is searchable for free online.

Easy to search


You can quickly find all the listed results for yourself or any other player. Having the exact name is best, but even with just a partial name or guess at it, you might be able to locate the player. Finding players from countries with many similar names, such as Vietnam, can take some work to narrow down the possibilities.

Once you’ve found the player’s stats page, you’ll see various interesting rankings. But, further down the page, try clicking on each tab, for even more information about the player, ie. Results, Stats, Rankings, Graphs.


Also interesting, where the cashes are listed, click on the event and you’ll see a new page detailed every players’ cash and rank for that event.

How big is it?

At the time of writing, the banner on the site reads:


That’s pretty big!

Does it include live poker tournaments in Asia?

Yes, all international, most regional and even some local daily tournaments are listed, along with the results and cashes. For examples, the results of the Asian Poker Tour, the Asia Poker League and Pokerstars Live events are all included.

From Wikipedia

The Hendon Mob are a group of four professional poker players from London, England.

The Hendon Mob is also a website that includes the biggest poker player database worldwide, that collects the results of every poker tournament in the world since 2000, indexed by location, date, and player. The origin of the information contained in the database was queried in a court action brought by rival website Pokerpages.com, and information sourced from Pokerpages.com has since been removed from the database. In July 2013 the Mob’s website was acquired by the Global poker index.

Do I need to register for an account?

I’ve been using the Hendon Mob for years without signing up for an account.  So what does registering give you? So I registered, and on my account homepage, I found these tools, which you can explore.

Poker Forum (which is no longer active)
Poker Database
My Poker Diary
Poker Odds Calculator

Also, the layout is slightly enhanced when you log in.

Do I need to pay?

Nope, Hendon Mob is free for users and always will be.

What useful information does Hendon Mob contain?

For any given player, you can find out:

  • The players total winnings
  • The prize for the player for any given tournament
  • How long the player has been playing major tournaments
  • Which tournaments the player typically plays in, including buyins
  • Which countries the player plays in
  • How active is the player on the live poker tournament circuits
  • All kinds of interesting rankings for the player including GPI and number of cashes

Do be careful however not to misinterpret or overuse this information. For example, a player with $100,000 in winnings might not be a better player than one who has won only $10,000, because the information does not adjust for total buyins, years played, buyin amounts nor the value of currency differences.

Should I care about my Hendon Mob profile?

Many players are able to afford their buyins via a staker. The most effective sales tool as a player that you have is your history of results, and The Hendon Mob provides a trustworthy and easily accessible set of data on your performance history. So, get on the felt and score some cashes to build your hendon mob profile so that you improve your opportunities for staking in the future.

Research your opponents at the table

So you reach Day 2, or Day 3, of a big event and there is a table reshuffle for the start of the day. Once you have your seating assignment, you might care to research your opponents at the table before play starts. Check out their Hendon Mob profile to know how much live experience they have, and how many cashes. Are they a pro? A beginner? Which country do they usually play? This info might give you the edge you need to make better plays early on in the new day.

Calendar and Events

The Hendon Mob has a searchable list of live tournament poker events from all over the world. Check out this link. Keep in mind however, that not all poker tournament organizers participate and many local and daily events are not listed. As far as I know, all major regional and international events are listed.


A festival is a series of poker tournament events held back to back. For example, WSOP 2019 is a festival. For travelling players, knowing which festivals are on and where, is very useful for planning travels and bankrolls. The Hendon Mob lists festivals here. Similarly pokercalendar.asia lists the festivals in the Asia-Pacific region.

A list of the different tours and circuits that operate regularly is here.

Also, a list of poker venues where any listed tournaments have been played is provided. Keep in mind, some venues might no longer host events.

Can I modify my profile, add a photo or change the cash history?

Hendon Mob provide free customer service and you can visit their FAQ page for more details on how to make updates and what is allowable.