Tony Khoang: Hey, what’s up guys. I’m walking in Hanoi, Vietnam and I am on my way to one of two Poker clubs. I’m gonna show you guys around and I’m going to share with you my personal experiences, so if you want to see, just stick along with me.

So, guys, the first thing I want to talk about is the location but before I’m going to get into that, let me introduce you to someone.
So, guys, this is Catty and she is the PR of Crown Poker club and she’s gonna tell you a little bit about the Poker Club

Catty Nguyen: Hi guys, Welcome to Crown Poker Club. To talk about it, we were established from March 2018 with a scale of 12 tables. From November 17th, 2019, we got a new reopening Crown with the scale of 28 tables at Dong Da district, center of Hanoi. You can visit us at NHS building which is a modern building with smart parking, big restaurants, many utilities and beautiful landscapes around. Everyday, we organize from 4 to 5 different tournaments with the number of over 200 players. Well, in the future we want to bring to Hanoi players more and more international tournaments with value awards. Welcome!

Tony Khoang: So, guys, the first thing I want to talk about is the location of this club. What I can tell you is, it’s in the center of Hanoi and it’s on the big street with a lot of shops and a lot of restaurants and you got many hotels in this area, you got a good gym like 300 meters from here, nice massage place around the corner and no, it’s without a happy end. So, during the day, there are still many things to do here. But I have to tell you after 12 o’clock midnight, everything is closed here and I mean like, really everything. What you can do is, you can take like a 3 km cab ride, you can go to a tourist area, there are still some shops open there, there’s still some places where you can eat, the clubs are open, some bars are open.

Second thing I want to talk about is the layout and the design for poker room. So, if you first enter this room, you will notice high ceiling because it’s very light and it has a nice design but it also gives you a feeling of being in a big space. They’re having a corner for chill out place with leather chairs, with massage chairs. At the back you can see a part of the final table. It’s in a perfect spot and they have put a lot of effort to make it look nice, that’s for sure. If you walk around here, you will see that everything is brand new, like the carpet, the tables, the chairs and that’s because they just moved in like 2 months ago. So, with all, this place gives you very fresh, nice feeling and I really like this place. So, yeah, they did a good job on that.

Third thing I want to talk about are the Staff, like how are the dealers, the people, the waitress. What I noticed on the Poker table is the dealers are very fast, they are professionals, they are experienced and besides that, they have a very friendly attitude. It’s not only the dealers but also the players, they are very friendly. I think in general Hanoian people are more polite and friendly. If you play a tournament here, you will see that the owners are very much involved in this room too. I know for a fact that they are very passionate poker players and that’s a very good thing because they understand the experience of a player. The staff also took me out around the city to show me around, they have invited me to dinners and to parties, so I only have thumbs up for the staff here.

Fourth thing I want to talk about is the tournament schedule and structures. Everyday, they have like two tournaments with a buy in around $40-$100. You get around 20k stack with 20-30 minutes blinds level. I don’t think anywhere else in the world you would get this structure for this amount of money. They have another thing that I really like and that’s like 1 Table Sit & Go with unlimited entry until level 6 for like $150. Let’s say for example you have a full table of 9 players, one get must out, then another player can fill up the seat and after level 6, we just play it out until the last player.

Another thing I want to talk about is the ruling and procedures in this Poker club. I think like 95% of the ruling here is based on international rules like TDA. They have some own house rules, they’re diverse from that but I haven’t seen anything very harmful for the integrity and the fairness of the game. In my perfect world, I just hope all the clubs in the Vietnam just going to play on the run rule, so we don’t have to experience like this rule in this club and that rule in that club but that’s in my perfect world but eventually I think we’re getting there.

So, one of my last words about this club, I hope you’re gonna be having the ruling based on TDA and I wish there’s some bigger buy in tournaments, some multi-day tournaments or some international events. I know that all of us want this too and sometimes those things are not in your own hand but I really like this club, the club has a very good atmosphere, a good energy, the staff are great. I am not paid or asked to say all of these, this is just me sharing my experience with you guys. If you ever decide to go visit Vietnam and this beautiful city Hanoi, I definitely recommend you to come here and play here if you don’t mind playing some lower buy in tournaments. If I would rate this club, I would give it something like a 8 for sure.

So, guys, this is wrap. I hope you enjoyed the video and the video is useful. If you ever go to Hanoi and play some poker. If you like the video, please share it, I know everybody is asking you do this but it’s little effort and it really helps me as starting vlogger. So, thank you for watching and I will see you on my next vlog.