Philip is a very enthusiastic and fun-loving poker player whom I met playing tournaments at the Asian Poker Tour running at CTP Room in Taipei. I was discussing with him his goal of achieving a record number of live cashes, when he mentioned that in 2020 he’ll focus on Match Poker. Now, I’d heard of Match Poker, but have not yet watched it or played it. On reading the Match Poker website, one aspect piqued my interest: the game format is designed to remove the luck component of poker and reduce the game down to raw skill. Being honest here, that idea intimidated me: so I guess I’m one of those players who hides behind the luck. Anyhows, Philip kindly agreed to this interview so that we can know more about Match Poker from a player perspective. Here goes.

Can you run me through a real tournament series for Match Poker?

Hello! I will talk about Match Poker in Asia. Okay, this year in Taiwan, was the Asian Nations Cup held last month (November 2019) in Taoyuan, an hour away from Taipei. Officially, the name is the IFMP Asian Nations Cup. The Asian Nations Cup ran for 3 days: 2 days of preliminary rounds and 1 day for the final round. Nine teams participated, each with 6 players. Of the 9 teams, 5 are progressing to the World Cup.

So, for instance, this year our team, Chinese Taipei, came in 4th place in the preliminary rounds, and on the 3rd day, the final round, the 4 remaining teams competed against each other. 

In the final round, because there were 4 teams, we needed 4 tables and 4 players on each team. Each team has a player at each table. For example, Chinese Taipei as a player at seat 1 on table 1, a player at seat 2 on table 2, a player at seat 3 at table 3 and a player at seat 4 at table 4. So each table has one player from each of the 4 teams but with different seating arrangements.  And then whichever team finishes in 1st place after a set number of hands will be crowned the champion of the Asian Nations Cup. This year Chinese Taipei finished in 2nd place, because we got the second highest number of points in the final round. 

First place went to India. India is probably considered the best team right now in Asia because they have an Indian League of Match Poker, and so they can practice and build a more experienced team. So, maybe next year CTP Club is thinking of also creating a league or some type with many events in Match Poker that will allow people to be more familiar with the game and gain more skills. So, that’s our goal for next year.

You can earn trophies for winning. That’s the honor and then you receive an invitation to the World Cup. Also,  I think you get some subsidy for the World Cup, like they pay for your hotel (and perhaps airfare) as a kind of incentive or prize.

How are the Match Poker teams organized?

I think the IFMP sends out invitations to teams in each region, so there is a European Nations Cup, there is Asian Nations Cup, there is American Nations Cup etc. So, four teams from each continent will be selected to compete for the World Cup. Any country can enter, and I think they send out invitations. So, they have relationships with those countries that they know are already involved in Match Poker. No particular entry fee. The host nation will pay for all on the ground expenses. They pay for all the activities, all the hardware and software. That is part of the role of the host nation. 

Are you in a Match Poker team? How did that team originate?

I was in the team because I am the liaison for the CTP Club here in Taipei but by the time I joined, two Asia Nations Cup events had already taken place. We won for the first time last year, in an event called the Asian Pairs Challenge. Me and Bonsai  represented our country and we earned the silver medal. After that we went to play at the World Cup in Ireland in February 2019. 

As for the background, this is all held by the International Federation of Match Poker. Chinese Taipei only entered the sport two years ago and the first event was the Asia Nations Pairs Challenge hosted in Bangkok. The Singapore team won 1st place. That was the first time that IFMP invited Taiwan because they, through a connection found out about the CTP Club and then they asked our interest and whether we want to send our players from Taipei to participate in future events and then also we had to apply to our Government to allow Match Poker as a sport, which was successful. 

And IFMP also needed to recognize Chinese Taipei as participating nation, and now they  recognize CTP Club as the official organizing club representing Chinese Taipei, so once they sponsored that, we can send our players, they can start invitations to us and we can send out eight players to participate in regional Match Poker events.

How about this history of Match Poker?

I think it originated in Europe a number of years ago.

Which people are playing Match Poker?

Anybody who is good at poker can play Match Poker for sure. But you don’t have to be that  good player, although most players are experienced but there are some fresh players too. Tournament skills help and postflop skills are most relevant. For Chinese Taipei, anybody who is interested in poker may enter the selection contest. We discovered that those players who are good in cash games, especially post flop, do well in Match Poker; they have aggressive styles. 

Each country has their own selection process. Some might select via a league. Some might have a selection contest. For Taiwan, the CTP Club is the appointed organizer and they hold a contest, with around 50 participants who paid a low fee to enter. 

How do NLH and other game skills transfer over to Match Poker?

Holdem game skills do transfer to Match Poker. I think experience with exploitation helps. You find the opponent’s weaknesses then you exploit it to the maximum to win the max and lose the least. I think the people that are good at that are generally good in Match Poker. In Match Poker, each hand is scored on points rather than ongoing accumulation of chips. So to sit and wait for better spots is not a winning strategy. You need to do the best on every hand, so I think generally aggressive players who can exploit are the weaker players eventually will be doing the best for the team.

On average how much experience would it take a regular NLH player to adjust to Match Poker?

I think about, you know, how many years to be a good Match Poker player, may be two years. One year of practice and get more experience, and you need more practice. The team, the Taiwan lacks is more, because, we this is only the second year and also not many people are involved yet. So, maybe next year we will have more opportunities such as competitions directly organized by CTP. May be one year after that will be pretty good, like India who already has a league that has run for a couple of years. So, they are the best team right now by far in Asia. So, the more you practice, the better you become.

Game mechanics of Match Poker

Ozy: This video explains the game format in 60 seconds. Basically, the game works like this: Each team has a player at each table, but at a different seat on each table. The cards are randomly shuffled, however each table receives a deck with the same shuffle as other tables. In this way, each team is effectively playing the same hand. The element of luck of the draw in other poker games is mostly absent. Preflop is pot limit and post flop is no-limit, and there is a flop, turn and river. After completion of the hand, the chips of the player determine the player’s score. For the next hand, a new shuffle is done and chips reset to starting stacks. Points accumulate and are totalled for the team and all hand histories are public for data mining and adjusting strategies.

Is Match Poker more like cash poker or tournament poker?

In the Asian Nations Cup 2019, 9 teams participated. After the matches, the top 4 placers were invited to progress to the World Cup. The 5 bottom teams entered a second elimination round, and the winning team was also invited to the World Cup. So in total 5 teams progressed to the Word Cup. There are no cash prizes in the Asian Cup. However, trophies are awarded and it is a great honor to be part of a winning team and represent your country.

Can you explain the game format?

At the Asian Nations Cup, each team had 8 players: 6 playing at tables and 2 substitutes. For a given event, say there are 9 teams in total, which totals 54 players playing at 9 tables. The first two days are the preliminary rounds and are scored by points earned during each hand. So, each hand is worth 6 points.  

The total match is a fixed number of hands, say 300. So, after all the hands are played, each team gets a total score from the six players from each table. 

By example, let’s say I am in seat 1 on Table 1 and I’m dealt AA. Well, at Table 2, perhaps India is in seat 1 and he’ll get AA as each table has the same deck. Likewise at Table 3, perhaps Singapore is in seat 1 and he’ll get AA and so on. So the luck factor is absent when viewed from a team perspective. So, which team can get the most value from AA, and lose the least with say 22.

So, you always start with 200 BB, and if you lose all your chips in one hand, you will get the all back for the next hand. If you lose 5000, you will get 5000 back. So, every hand starts with 200 BB. 

Is it Pot Limit or No Limit?

So, it’s pot limit preflop and no-limit after the flop. You cannot go all-in with aces preflop like in NLH. After each hand, every player is reset to 200 BB. Players don’t accumulate chips, but rather aim to score points.

What technology is used and how?

Match poker is played on a digital system using tablets. We sit around a table like any live poker but hold tablets, not cards. Software developed by IFMP runs the game. You have two minutes per action and time banks to use.

How has the luck needed in NLH been removed for Match Poker?

Luck is still involved, but much less than in no-limit texas holdem poker. The luck from the card shuffle is absent but then there is still some luck element to the play because if skilled players are seated at the table, but the other player gets seated with fishy table, then yeah sure, you know if someone is splashing chips and your score will be higher on this particular table. So, if you happen to have good hands on this table and all the bad players, that’s the crazy players at the same table with you then sure, your score could be somewhat higher. For the whole team, everybody gets 75000 chips but then since there is one crazy player at your table that is splashy and playing too aggressively and you gain 10000 chips, so you will get six points as opposed to like three points, which is more typical.

Is luck still an element of play? How?

The major luck component from the card shuffle itself is totally absent because every table gets a deck with the same shuffle.

“Match Poker tournaments are unique in allowing a fair assessment of the skill of the players  without any influence of the random deal of cards. Furthermore, players/teams begin each hand with a fixed and equal stack size, allowing for clear comparisons to be made and the most skillful play to be rewarded.”

The goal of Match Poker is to get the most points, not all the chips. Explain?

Yeah, the  goal of the game is for the team to get the most points after a certain number of hands. Chips matter only for each hand. It is quite common that the team who gains the most chips does not score the most points. For a hand, the team with the highest aggregate chip increase will receive the top number of points (if there are 6 teams, it would be 6 points). The team with the next highest chip gain gets 5 points and so on, with the team who loses the most chips getting one point.

How does the teamwork operate in Match Poker? Is it a genuine teamsport or more like cricket, a sport of individual skills assembled as a team?

There is some element of teamwork because every team has a goal. Our goal at that time was for the Chinese Taipei was to make sure we progressed to the World Cup. Winning the Asian Nations Cup was not the first priority because you know, that’s something we cannot control. Good to have but it’s not our ultimate goal. Our ultimate goal was to be in the top 5 or top 4, at least get the invitation to the World Cup. So, then we have coaches, we have consultants to the team so that we follow a planned strategy. We don’t want to be too aggressive. So hands that result in top or bottom score (6 or 0) are undesirable) because of the overall variance for the match. The top 4 teams out of 9 teams that was our goal. If we became too aggressive, yeah we could finish first but then you the aggressiveness can lose a player’s stack and blow all the points for the team for that hand. If you don’t control the pot, if you are coming last in a lot of hands, then your team gets a lot of one or zero point scores. So, if you team aims for 3 or 4 points or sometimes 5 points then we will be happy. So that was our goal to at least get the top 4 and to be in world cup, so that was the teamwork part of it.

Teamwork by the Indian team was interesting. They intentionally scored less in the first two rounds and then when the other teams saw their score, they started to target the Indians as weak. But they surprised everybody in the third, fourth or the final two rounds, and scored well  because nobody will put them as the top opponents. So, there is some strategy part, but mostly it’s still individual skills that the game with following core team philosophy.

Typically do or should teams study or prepare together, or can a group of players just meet up and play at a series?

Many teams they just meet up and play at a series, especially new teams such as Korea. Our team, we have coaches, we spend a lot on resources and we prepare. At the end of each competition day, you get hand histories, and our coach will examine these and we discuss what’s the best play. So, we try to get more experience and see how the other teams are playing then we try to adopt and adjust. We do study. For example for the Nations Pairs event that we played, we studied for three hours. 

Can Match Poker be played online? Or is it live only?

It’s a blend of online and live. So, it’s a live environment held at a hotel or conference center but each player sits at the table with a tablet. In this way, collusion and cheating and removed but the benefits of using digital technology are present.

Which teams are the strongest in Match Poker? Which players are the champions?

Generally, I think the European teams are the strongest because they also have many, many years of experience. I think Spain won the Match Poker World Cup last year, so they have a long history. You can Google Match Poker and get lots of information on that. In Asia, India is considered the best right now because they have a league. So, this year they are the champions of the Nations cup, Chinese Taipei came in second.

Where does Match Poker fit into the poker marketplace? Will it ever sit alongside other forms of poker, or is it a separate format that will be more like a sport?

This year, starting in 2020, the CTP Club, our club, will put more focus on Match Poker. We already have a deal and signed agreements with Match Poker, IFMP, to promote and then expand the sport in Taipei, so we will have more events, and hopefully we will have bigger events and then next year more people will be playing, more people will gain experienced, we will become better, more skilled. So, that’s our goal for 2020.

We are talking about having other events, live poker events, at the same time with Match Poker. Also, supposedly there is a Match Poker event, a big event, then when they finish then they can play some side events, that’s either a Match Poker or traditional live poker.


How popular is Match Poker in Asia now? Which locations?

Right now Match Poker is just starting to heat up in Asia. For instance this Asian Nations Cup, some very strong players came from Korea, Japan, Israel, you know, India, of course, so many, Hong Kong, Macau. I think China also played at one point. So, it’s becoming more and more popular in Asia.

And hopefully with the help of CTP and then their agreement with IFMP that will be promoting this thing more this year. So, there will be more interest in this IFMP, bigger events for 2020.

What aspects of Match Poker make it more attractive or addictive than Texas Holdem?

In my opinion, Match Poker will be more addictive than Texas Holdem because at least you can go out to play, make a big accomplishment, and then you can claim yourself to be the strongest player because all the luck element as absent. In NLH any player can get lucky and win a tournament. So maybe down the road they will try to have Match Poker in the Olympic Games and if you win an Olympic gold medal in Match Poker you will be totally recognized. So, I think that’s one part of the challenge that I look at. I would like to be more involved in Match Poker starting 2020 because I hope one day I will be participating in the Asian games, you know, then the Olympics, the World Cup, and be officially recognized.

How to get involved in Match Poker, where to start?

If you want to get involved, you should be in a country that participates and talk to the sponsor of your country. Find out whether a league is running in your country or if there is a national team selection process.

Thanks Philip for all your time on this interview. I’ve learnt a lot about Match Poker and I’m personally interested to try it out! Good luck in 2020 to the Chinese Taipei team.

甚麼是Match Poker? | 採訪Philip Wang 談談關於台灣與亞洲的Match Poker狀況

在台北CTP舉辦的亞洲撲克巡迴賽裡,我遇見Philip,一位充滿熱情且有趣的撲克玩家。當我正在與他討論他在現金桌牌局的創記錄時,他提到2020年將專注於比賽撲克(Match Poker)。我聽說過Match Poker,但沒看過或體驗過。搜尋一些Match Poker網站時,有個觀點激起我的興趣:遊戲格式在於消除撲克運氣成分,而以技術為主。老實說,我被這觀念嚇到了,我想我應是靠運氣的那些人之一。感謝菲利普(Philip)同意接受本採訪,讓我們就玩家的角度進一步了解Match Poker。開始吧!

您能以一實際錦標賽系列完整解釋Match Poker嗎?

Hello! 讓我以亞洲Match Poker說明。今年(2019)11月,台灣桃園舉辦亞洲國家杯(Asian Nations Cup),桃園距離台北約一小時的車程,這賽事的正式名稱應為IFMP Asian Nations Cup,整個賽事期間為3天,前二天為預賽,最後一天為決賽。九個隊伍參與,每個隊伍有6個比賽人員,在這九個隊伍中,有5個將可晉級世界盃。

例如,今年我們的團隊中華台北(Chinese Taipei),在預賽中得到第四名,在第三天也就是決賽日,剩下四個隊伍將互相廝殺。

在最後一輪,因為有四個隊伍,所以需要有四張牌桌及每隊四個隊友,每個牌桌分別有一個隊伍的人。中華台北(Chinese Taipei)的隊員在1號桌坐在1號位置,在2號桌坐2號位置,在3號桌坐3號位置,及4號桌坐4號位置。所以每一桌都有每個隊伍的一個隊員,但分別得坐在不同的位置。經過數輪的牌局之後,獲得第一名的隊伍,將被加冕為亞洲國家杯冠軍。今年,中華台北(Chinese Taipei)在最後一輪中獲得了第二高的積分,獲得第二名的成績。

獲得第一名的是印度(India)隊,印度可以說是目前亞洲最強的隊伍。因為它們有印度Match Poker的聯盟(Indian League of Match Poker),他們可以練習並建立一支經驗豐富的團隊。因此,也許明年CTP俱樂部應考慮以比賽撲克(Match Poker)類型創建聯盟或比賽,這將使玩家對比賽更熟悉且獲得更多技巧。這就是我們明年的目標。


如何組成比Match Poker團隊?

IFMP(International Federation of Match Poker, 國際比賽撲克聯合會)向每個地區的球隊發出邀請,因此有歐洲國家杯、亞洲國家杯、美洲國家杯等。因此,從各洲大陸分別選拔出的四支隊伍可獲得資格參加世界杯比賽。任何國家都可以參加,我認為他們知道那些國家有Match Poker比賽,並取得聯繫,因此向這些國家發出邀請。無須特定的入場費,但主辦國得支付所有相關費用,包含所有活動、軟硬體設施等。這是主辦國的義務之一。

如何組成比Match Poker團隊?

IFMP(International Federation of Match Poker, 國際比賽撲克聯合會)向每個地區的球隊發出邀請,因此有歐洲國家杯、亞洲國家杯、美洲國家杯等。因此,從各洲大陸分別選拔出的四支隊伍可獲得資格參加世界杯比賽。任何國家都可以參加,我認為他們知道那些國家有Match Poker比賽,並取得聯繫,因此向這些國家發出邀請。無須特定的入場費,但主辦國得支付所有相關費用,包含所有活動、軟硬體設施等。這是主辦國的義務之一。

您是Match Poker團隊成員嗎?這支隊伍是如何創立的?


這些活動背後都是全都由IFMP舉辦。中華台北在兩年前第一次參加這項運動,當時在曼谷舉辦的亞洲國家Pairs挑戰賽,IFMP經由CTP俱樂部聯繫台灣,第一次邀請台灣是否有興趣參與派員參加未來的比賽,同時我們必須向政府申請允許Match Poker作為一項運動,並獲得成功,當年是新加坡隊獲得第一名。

IFMP還需要承認中華台北為參加國,現在他們承認CTP俱樂部為代表中華台北的官方組織俱樂部。一旦他們贊助,他們可以發出邀請,我們就可以派出隊員,於是我們派出八名隊員參加區域Match Poker賽事。

Match Poker的歷史如何?


通常那些人在玩Match Poker?

任何擅長撲克的人都可以玩Match Poker。但是不必得是專業的玩家,儘管大多經驗豐富,但也有一些並無經驗。但擁有比賽技能和post-flop的技能對能成為Match Poker玩家是較有幫助的。對於中華台北隊而言,任何對撲克感興趣的人都可以參加選拔賽。我們發現那些擅長現金桌牌局(尤其是翻牌後)的玩家在Match Poker中表現出色,可能是他們具有侵略性的風格。


NLH和其他撲克遊戲技能如何轉移到Match Poker?

德州撲克遊戲技能確實可轉移到Match Poker。我認為知彼知己的遊戲經驗能助益Match Poker。您發現對手的弱點,然後極大化地利用對手的弱點取得最大的獲利及最少的損失。我認為這類的人通常在Match Poker中很出色。在Match Poker中,每一牌局都是逐一計分,而不是不斷累積籌碼。因此等待最佳出手點並不是一個成功的策略。您需要全力以赴,我認為通常攻擊型的玩家能利用較弱的對手,最終當然可以為團隊最好的成績。

平均而言,一名常規的NLH玩家需要如何調整適應Match Poker?

要成為一名優秀的Match Poker玩家可能需要數年,或許兩年可以養成。一年的練習可以獲得更多的經驗,但最終還是需要更多的練習。台灣隊缺少的練習的機會及經驗,因為這只是我們的第二年,參與人數也不算多。或許明年我們將有更多機會,例如直接參加由CTP主辦的比賽。可能一年之後會有非常不錯的成績,例如印度已經擁有一個已經運行數年的聯盟組織。目前他們是亞洲最佳的團隊。因此,練習得越多,就會變得越好。

Match Poker的遊戲機制

Ozy:想要了解Match Poker遊戲規格,推薦您觀看這60秒短片。基本上,遊戲的運作方式是每個團隊在每張桌子上都有一個隊員,且在每張桌子上的座位不同。紙牌是隨機洗牌的,但是每張桌子與其他桌子相同的洗牌完全相同。這樣,每個團隊都有效地發揮了相同的作用。相較其他撲克賽,Match Poker運氣元素的平局幾乎不存在,不論是有底池限制翻牌前(Preflop)、池底無限制翻牌後(post flop)、翻牌(flop)、轉牌(turn)及河牌(river)。每局完成後,每位隊員的剩餘籌碼即為得分。下一步,將重新洗牌並重置籌碼。累積所有隊員的積分彙總至團隊,每一局的比賽紀錄都可公開提供資料探勘及調整策略使用。

Match Poker比較像Holdem撲克(德州撲克)還是Tournament撲克(錦標賽撲克)?






一律從200 BB開始下注,如果您在一牌局中輸掉所有籌碼,會在下一局取回輸掉的籌碼,例如,如果您損失5000,您將拿回5000。每局從200 BB開始就對了。


每一牌是翻牌前底池限制,也是翻牌後無限制。您不能像NLH那樣在王牌(A)翻牌前全押。每局後,每位隊員都將重置為200 BB。玩家不以累積籌碼為主,而是旨在得分。


Match Poker是在使用平板電腦的數位系統進行比賽。我們像任何現場撲克賽一樣圍坐在桌子旁,但拿的是平板電腦,而不是紙牌。這遊戲程式軟體是由IFMP開發,每個動作有兩分鐘時間,計時器可以協助你了解時間狀況。

Match Poker如何屏除NLH賽的運氣成分?




“ Match Poker錦標賽的獨特之處在於可以公平評估玩家的技能,而不會受到隨機發牌的任何影響。玩家/團隊每手牌都是從固定和相等的籌碼量開始,因此Match Poker是能明確清楚地比較,及獎勵熟練技巧的遊戲。”

Match Poker的目標是獲得最高積分,而不是累積籌碼?請說明。


Match Poker中的團隊合作方式如何?它是完全的團隊運動,還是更像板球運動,是一項個人技能組成的團隊運動?




許多隊伍大都是一群玩家碰面就參加一系列比賽,韓國就是這樣組成的新隊伍。而我們的團隊有教練,找很多資源並做好準備。在每個比賽日結束時,我們的教練會針對比賽中每手牌的比賽記錄、檢視,討論出最佳技能。我們也會看其他團隊的表現,從中獲得更多經驗,嘗試採用及調整。我們也會從事研究,例如,之前參加的Nations Pairs賽事,我們事先花了三個小時研究。

可有線上Match Poker可玩嗎? 還是只能現場比賽?


Match Poker中那些隊伍最強?有那些冠軍隊員?

總的來說,我認為歐洲團隊最強,因為他們也有很多年的經驗。西班牙去年贏得Match Poker World Cup,我認為是因為他們有悠久的歷史。您可以Google “Match Poker”獲得相關訊息。在亞洲,印度被認為是目前最好的,因為他們有聯盟組織,今年他們是國家杯冠軍,中華台北排名第二。

Match Poker適合那種撲克市場?它會和其他形式的撲克賽並存,或它是一種更像運動的獨立形式?

從今年(2020)開始,我們CTP俱樂部更加關注Match Poker。我們已經與IFMP Match Poker,達成共識並簽署協議,於台北推廣並促進這項運動。因此,我們將舉辦更多的賽事,然後明年更多的人將會參加,更多人獲取經驗,我們也將變得更好、更熟練。這就是我們2020年的目標。

在舉辦Match Poker同時,我們也討論將舉辦其他賽事,如現場撲克賽。另外,假設這裡正在辦一場Match Poker大賽,大的比賽,當他們完成賽事,也可以參加一些其他比賽,可能是其他的Match Poker或傳統的現場撲克賽。

Match Poker現在在亞洲有多受歡迎?又那些地方較受歡迎?

Match Poker在亞洲才剛剛開始升溫。例如,在本屆亞洲國家杯有來自韓國、日本、以色列,及來自印度非常有實力的隊伍,還有香港、澳門,中國也開始這個風氣,我想Match Poker在亞洲應該是越來越受歡迎。 透過CTP的幫助,及與IFMP達成的協議,將有助於今年進一步推動,撲克玩家將對2020 IFMP舉辦的大型賽事將更有興趣。

Match Poker在那方面比德州撲克更具吸引力或令人上癮?

我個人認為Match Poker比德州撲克更具吸引力,因為您可以獲得很大的成就感,可以聲稱自己是最強的玩家。運氣不會是贏的主要原因,不像NLH可以靠運氣贏得比賽。將來,或許會舉辦Match Poker奧運,如果獲得奧運Match Poker金牌,那是無上的成就與榮譽,這是我想要面對的挑戰。我希望從2020年開始參與更多的Match Poker,因為我希望有一天我會參加亞洲運動會,然後奧運會、世界杯,得到正式的認可。

如何參與Match Poker,從哪裡開始?

如果您想參與其中,你應加入一個有Match Poker的國家隊並與該隊的贊助者談談是否您所在的國家/地區有舉辦聯賽;或者有隊員選拔程序。

感謝菲利普(Philip)寶貴的時間。我得到很多關於Match Poker的知識,且很有興趣想嘗試看看!2020年,祝福中華台北隊。