poker fish

I wonder how do they communicate….

First of all today is a cold cold day, not weather wise, emotional wise. Love brings you high, and sometimes low too, and sometimes you get misunderstood but you mean well and want the best for your relationship and the person you love but they think you don’t love them…. sorry, I got carried away.

I guess that leads very well into my topic today. Imagine talking about relationship problems with a little boy and he will say “girls are ewwww”, talk to a teenager and he will start to salivate, (sorry to my homo-sexual readers but this is a general statement), those in puppy love will tell you how great love is, those in long term or had long term relationships will say it is a roller coaster of commitment, sacrifice, compromise and acceptance….etc

In my regular game there are a few guys, their poker logic is so funny. I tried to talk to a fish about strategy and it was like talking to a toddler! I am not a shark by any means, but I am not a fish either. It is really frustrating, ironic, funny and conflicted when you are talking to them. It’s almost like having a twitter war with Donald Trump. The arguments they throw at you is so laughable but you don’t want to laugh, so illogical but you don’t want to point out their flaws (as we all love fishes just the way they are) but at the same time you’re like WTF!!?!?!

The irony is you love them as they think they are good players, or try to speech play or hollywood the table, but you’re also tempted to put them in their spot and send them to the kiddies table. So another key to being a great poker pro is you have to patronize your fishes, feed their ego, bottle up your emotions.

Sorry just a random rant. Good luck!