Fedor Holz retired at a young age, Doug Polk, Alec Torelli, Daniel Negreanu and plenty more have their vlogs, podcasts, Youtube channels. Some pros turn to coaching, seminars. Some create their own apps, run poker rooms, online sites, become affiliates.

We all love poker, but the dream is not to make money from playing poker, the dream is to play poker as a hobby but making tonnes of money from stuff related to poker, or using poker winnings to start a successful business.

Poker is tough, it takes a lot of time, energy, study, mental strength, emotional sacrifice, discipline, and risks. Only a handful of players can play at the top level for years, and not many can survive the swings, not just financially but emotionally and mentally. The longest session I have played was 56 hours non-stop, but at my age now I can’t do that anymore. I find myself losing focus after 5 or 6 hours and sometimes even nodding off! So physically it takes a toll as well.

The dream is making enough money to live well, and playing poker as a side income or hobby, or a way to maintain your status in the poker world. I don’t want to be a grinder, not many people wants to be.

I recently reached my first milestone about 7 weeks ago. This week I am celebrating my second milestone. I am not going into details about what this milestone is, because there are people who know me personally that reads this blog. I recently even received an email blackmailing me for money. It was laughable considering I have had run ins with the authorities before, and I know what is legal what isn’t. I’ve learned my lessons and I probably know more about these laws than most people. Nothing can intimidate me as I have done nothing wrong and plus I have proof of blackmail and extortion. Those are serious felonies if you ask me.

What I can say is I am blessed to be in this position. It’s been a long time coming but I think I am finally going where I need to be heading. I have put in a lot of work, studying, humble hours of learning and observing, networking, and maybe, maybe it is starting to pay off.