Recently I have been to the Galaxy poker room. Galaxy is a huge complex tailored for Chinese tourists. There are rows of baccarat tables after another and you don’t see any blackjack or carribean stud games.

First thing I like about the poker room is it is smack in the middle of the gaming floor. So you have these curious cats that will walk by and check out the game. The staff there should be doing a better job of getting them to try the game. But you seem to see more fishes there than other games. But with fishes there are always regulars that are there to catch them. However I must say the regulars are not as strong there compared to other rooms. So it is a pretty soft game.

The chips are nice and solid. No free food and free drinks are limited. But the wifi is strong and easily accessed. There are bonuses like Bad beat bonus (although lower hand has to be quads or better) and there is the best hand of the day, and aces cracked bonus (you get HKD 500 for getting your aces cracked.

Usually there is one 25/50 game going, and sometimes it goes up to 3 tables or so. The rake is also lower than others, capped at 150 compared to 200-500 with other rooms.

Overall it is a good place to play, much softer than other rooms I feel. Happy hunting!