I’ve always been fond of Saigon, I have traveled there at least 12 times. The food is great, people are nice, everything is cheap, lots of things to do, great place to relax, and now, I can add POKER to the list!

Recently there are some licensed clubs in Vietnam where you can play poker legally! That’s great considering Macau, Korea and Singapore are super expensive and full of pros, Manila is dangerous and seedy, so Vietnam is your best option!

Classy European Decor at Ho Chi Minh poker

My ritual usually is wake up at 10 ish, grab a quick bowl of hot pho and Vietnamese coffee, then head to the salon to get my hair shampoo’d and and nice back rub. Then off to lunch and nap then poker at night! What a life! And everything is so cheap too! One week of hotel is almost the same price as one night in Macau!

Oh and their rake is LOWEST in ASIA! 2-2.5bb per pot maximum! That’s super good value!

Here are some pictures and videos of the club. Free food and drinks for players too!

Games are 100k/200k (Vietnam Dong) and up, around USD 4/8. Dealers are fast and professional, the place is spacious and nice. The video only shows probably 1/5 of the whole place. If you’re interested please visit www.vietnampokervacation.blogspot.com they offer package tours for poker and other fun activities.