I never used to like playing online, until I found www.Natural8.com

So far I have been playing only 0.25/0.50 buying in USD 50 at a time. I have been consistently picking up USD 100~ profit per session.

Grinding online poker

Me and some of my players having a decent day online

My strategy:

  1. Raise pre to thin the field
  2. Playing aggressively in late position
  3. Check raising with monsters
  4. 3b light against loose raisers
  5. Cbet dry flops

I am surprised it is so easy to pick up pots. The typical opponents on the site are:

1. Super tight limper (I always punish them by raising 3-5x, sometimes they just give up pre and I pick up 3.5bb from the limpers and blinds)

2. Loose raiser pre (I would make notes if they cbet or not. A lot of them don’t so I call these guys more knowing if I don’t see a c-bet, leading out turn usually will allow me to take down)

3. Loose raiser pre but doesn’t call 3 bet (I 3 bet them light with like T9 suited, 78 suited hands, usually take down by 3 betting or c betting the flop)

4. Loose limpers, cold calling 3x-5x with marginal hands (C betting usually takes it down, or I will slow down if it hits their range. If I hit hard I maximize value 3 streets. Sometimes checking top pair on flop to induce calls on turn and river with worse)

Don’t be greedy, once you double up, be prepared to switch tables. Trust me, you will consistently pick up money if you play like this and be disciplined.

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