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A lot of players don’t do well online is because they don’t adjust. Online and live poker are similar and different at the same time:

1. Be more patient: In live poker, it can sometimes get boring. You’re waiting around for hands and you’re tempted to play 84 suited or 96 and call it your favourite hand, insist you must play it. Online poker you can multi-table and the action is usually much faster, so pick good spots to play, good hands that is worth your time.

2. Lot more bad beats: Statistically the more hands you play, the more bad beats you get. In online poker, you are going through usually around 100-200 hands per hour on one table. If you multi-table then times that by N. In live, you’re lucky to play 20 hands per hour. The other thing with online, there are usually more fish. Some players make fish calls like call with top pair and get lucky by hitting their kicker for a two pair. Call a draw with super bad odds and hit, etc. At any given time, any player has like 20-30% equity in the hand. So 20-30% of the time you would get bad beat. So my advice is play small ball, unless you have the absolute nuts.

3. Mentally straining: You don’t realize it, but playing online is more energy zapping than live. You rarely get to rest, you are thinking about 4-5 hands at the same time. Making notes about players, and watching your screen. In live poker, you have plenty of downtime where you can eat, drink, chit chat, play on your mobile phone, etc. Keep your sessions shorter than live because we are not robots. When we tire we tend to make mistakes.

4. Don’t get too comfortable: Usually when you play online you’re at home. You got the dog barking, your girlfriend on the other line, your parents nagging, etc. Never play online poker when you are upset, tired, angry, sad, or emotionally not in the right state. My friend who is a pro now got broke twice because he had a fight with his girlfriend just before both the sessions.

5. Good bankroll management: Play stakes you’re comfortable with and you have the bankroll to buy in 10-20 times. The problem with online is once you’re stuck, you want to chase it back and end up playing bigger stakes than you should. Your entire bankroll is sitting there in virtual numbers, and you can lose it all in one bad session.

6. Hit and run. I hate hitting and running, and I hate people who does it. So in live games, I usually stay on after I win a big pot. In online poker, nobody cares or can do anything about it. You doubled your buy in? Switch tables! Get up and take a break. Watch TV for a while then come back with a fresh stack. Your objective is not like live poker where if you get up, that’s usually the end of your session. With online you can switch to another stake, another table, another game.

Follow my ideas here and you should be able to do well online. Good luck and have fun!