If you’re reading this I assume you already know the basics of this game. If you don’t, pokernews wrote a great article about how it’s played and the rules here

Recently almost all the poker I play is OFC. The game is gaining in popularity and there are tournaments at the WSOP. I’ll explain a bit why I think many love the game so much.

Open Face Chinese Poker

Lifetime best hand out of fantasy (Trip queens, quads, quads)

1. Every hand is fun

Most of the time you fold your Holdem or even Omaha hands so it can get a bit boring. But in OFC, you play every hand, every draw is exciting, you’re almost never drawing dead until the last card.

2. Less stressful without the bluffing element

Poker can be very stressful as you’re put to the test. OFC you just play what’s dealt to you and hope for the best.

3. There are lots of fish

There are so many videos and books about Holdem and Omaha but not many on OFC. Even though it is hard to say what is the right way or wrong way to play, but there are definitely better ways and worse ways. I have seen some fish do really stupid stuff.

Open Face Chinese Poker

Recent best hand out of fantasy (Trip Aces, full house, full house)

I have now started a Youtube Channel dedicated to Poker and with the main section on OFC. Since the beginning I kinda wanted to keep my identity secret until the right time, but now you can hear me on my videos. I share my gameplay videos so you can watch me as I explain how I play the game and why. I might be wrong but I want to create a platform to promote this game and also to encourage sharing of strategies and tips.