Welcome to, a free site for newbies, hobbyists, travellers, regs and of course professionals. These players plan their poker travels here.

Hi there! I am Ozy. I built and maintain this site for you, the travelling live tournament player. Poker is a beautiful game with much to offer and, ever since falling in love it, I wanted to do my part to build the live poker scene in Asia.

This site is to help players from around the globe make their travel plans for Asia and Australia for poker playing. Enjoy!

Ozy Abram
Site Owner

As a professional tournament player, I need to plan my travels well in advance. makes that planning simpler and faster. Ozy Abram is a passionate player and has done a good service for poker in Asia with this site.

Iori Yogo
Asian Poker Tour Player of the Year, Japanese professional player

I work to make playing live poker tournaments an enjoyable experience to my folks from Hong Kong, China, and all over the world. When it comes to planning a trip, there are always constraints of vacation time, budget, and of course, preferences for better organizers and destinations. makes it easy to find information and to make informed decisions. Oh, and Ozy is a passionate poker player too.

Ray Chiu
HKPPA, Hong Kong professional player

As a European professional player, planning poker trips is complex, with so many choices. is the best site for planning tournament poker trips in Asia. The information is clear, easy-to-find and most importantly reliable and up-to-date, so I can plan with confidence. Ozy, who runs this site, is a friendly guy too who genuinely enjoys tournament poker.

Martin Stausholm
Winner German Champion of Poker, US$1 million+ live earnings

I usually play cash games and I do love the occasional tournament. I’m so grateful I could combine my love for travel and poker. Pokercalendar.Asia makes it easy for me to plan my schedule and get information about destinations I’m not familiar with. It’s a great tool for any poker player!

Simon Lim
Poker blogger, Malaysian Professional player