Many people read books or watch videos to improve their poker skills. I have done that before but I felt that it was not very effective, especially without someone there to explain certain things, or answer my questions. So I have created a new interactive coaching series.

poker coaching

Everyone needs a helping hand


First of all, you are not reading a book. I will explain a certain concept and give you some challenges. It might be questions, hand analysis, quiz, etc. After you have done the exercise, you will email it back to me, together with any questions you may have. I will PERSONALLY respond with what I think is the best answers, together with my comments of your responses, and a quick analysis of your skill level, strengths and weaknesses and what you need to improve on.


Well any pro isn’t going to take their time to answer your questions. I am not a top level pro but I do think my fundamentals are strong enough to give you a great lesson. My focus is on how you can APPLY the skills in your next game and see instant results. It took me months before I started to understand what I read from poker books. My way saves you that process. By explaining it to you in detail and answering your questions directly.


Expect to spend at least 2-3 hours on each topic. I don’t want you to just read. I want you to think, and methodically answer the questions and quizzes. Expect to see things differently at the end of the course. I expect you to say “wow, I didn’t think of that before”.


USD 15 per topic!
I will split this series into manageable chunks on specific topics. The first topic is on RANGES. The amount of time I will be spending on responding to your answers and answering your questions, I think USD 15 is way too cheap. But I love poker and I love helping others so I do get non-monetary satisfaction from it too.


Just drop me an email at with the following information.

– Name
– Country
– Brief background of your poker career

I accept PayPal, Skrill or cash deposits.