poker etiquette

Got bored and made a chip robot while waiting

I play regularly at a “home game” and sometimes not everyone know’s the proper etiquette. So I am going to write an article on how you should behave at a poker game. There is no black and white and most of it is based on house rules, however some things are just common poker courtesy and common sense.

1. Act in turn:

Acting out of turn breaks all poker room rules. The reason being is that if you act out of turn, it can be an angle or it might affect the action. Say for example there are 3 players left, first guy bets out on the river. I am next to make my decision. I think my hand is good against the bettor but I don’t know about the guy behind me. What if he re-raises? What do I do? But now that guy folds out of turn. It makes my decision to call much easier and I successfully caught the bluff of the bettor. The bluffer is not going to be happy about it.

2. Do not show your hand:

Do not show your hand while the game is in play. Sometimes showing your hand doesn’t have to be physically showing it. Showing a reaction to the flop can be just as obvious. For example, flop is QQ2, and you moan like you folded a Queen, or you reach to grab your folded cards, or you show the guy next to you your hand and your face reads “damn why didn’t I call preflop”. Now those people still in the hand will proceed with the hand knowing there is only one Q left. Maybe you’re too dumb to pick up on these things but there are smarter people out there.

3. Dealer deals:

You see the DEALER button? You know you wait patiently for it every round right? It is called the dealer button because technically whoever holds that needs to deal. That is common courtesy. However if your game is fortunate enough to have someone volunteer to deal, then you should be grateful. Don’t be like a dumbfuck and sit there like the king. Help out by pushing the chips to the middle, moving the button, pushing the cards and even offer to deal once in a while. Come on you’re not handicapped. Your brain might be but you have hands right? If you are the kind of spoilt brat that I have encountered who thinks money can solve all problems, then TIP the dealer.

4. Hit and run:

Just won a big pot, phew, nice little profit, see ya suckers! Well, see ya is right. Don’t expect to be invited back to the game. If you are, then maybe you are a big fat fish. Announce when you are planning to leave, that is the best. Just in case you won big between now and then, at least you did say you were leaving at that time. That is fair. I know so many people who used the excuse that they can’t stay up late and have to go before 11pm – when they were winning. But will stay until 5am if they are stuck. Again, maybe you’re that dumb to buy that excuse but we are not.

Good luck!