APF Manila Poker Room - REVIEW

This week I visited the Asian Poker Federation’s first poker room in Manila for their soft opening. Grand opening will be on the 12th of January where they are running a USD 100K guaranteed tournament for only USD 100 buy in! Check out my YouTube video on Poker in Manila

New room for Asian Poker Federation in Manila

The room is located at the Sheration Manila Bay Hotel (previously Pan Pacific). Years ago I was there at the old poker room owned by Manny Pacquiao but it got shut down. Now the place has a new facelift and looks and feels more professional than the old one.

Games start from 25/50 up to 100/200/500 with Holdem and PLO available. I managed to play a 500-a-point OFC session as well. Action is good, with mostly Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese players there. I had one insane PLO session when I ran 20k up to 170k in 4 hours. PS: PLO is not my main game

They have a “Final Table” setup and private rooms for special functions or private games. A comfortable rest area for guests who are waiting, a bar serving drinks and snacks, security guard and metal detector and can house up to 30 tables, and the theme is in my favourite colour blue.

The location is in Ermita, walking distance to the Robinson’s Mall, I counted at least 10 hotels that are within 2 minutes walk, lots of restaurants and bars. If you feel like living in comfort, the Sheraton Manila Bay is great (I stayed there once when it was still Pan Pacific), highly recommend Pearl Garden Hotel that’s just across the street.

Overall a great experience, highly recommend a visit, especially for the grand opening main event. I had a decent haul for my trip which made it just that bit sweeter!