City Of Dreams Macau Poker Room – REVIEW

City of Dreams Macau is home to the Pokerstars LIVE room. It is the place to be if you love tournaments. They have daily tournaments most days, and a cash game area as well. Located on the 1st floor of the casino, it is next to the SOHO food “court”. The casino was previously called the Hard Rock casino. The casino itself is spacious and not as crammed as some of the other ones. It feels more modern than most and since it is owned by Crown, it feels similar to Crown Melbourne.

The poker area is away from most of the table games so it is quieter but also less foot traffic. Not many people walk by so not many spectators and I would assume less newbie players. The chips are light and ugly as hell if you ask me. See for yourself.

City of Dreams Macau

Cash games are not as strong as the other places. Usually you will see 2 tables or so even at busy periods. I don’t remember what the rake is, but on Google, some sites say they have a flat cap of HKD 200 for all games. Which is decent by Asian standards. My few times playing there, I felt the game was pretty nitty but not many pros.

Other than water and maybe some basic stuff, I think there aren’t much choice in terms of free drinks. I remembered having to pay for orange juice. Service is reasonably okay, staff are generally friendly. But this is the place to go if you are looking for tournament action. Their Saturday tournament has a 100k guarantee for a 3k buy in. Although I was a bit disappointed when they said they might cancel the tournament if they don’t hit a minimum number of players. Then why guarantee? Everyone wants an overlay! Haha.

City of Dreams Macau

The seats are really comfy, nice posh leather seats. It can be quite a nice place to play. However somehow I don’t like playing cash games there. I find more action and selection at other rooms but I do recommend the tournaments. I will be playing in the Baby Dragon next Saturday. If anyone wants to hook up do drop me a message.