Melbourne Crown Casino Poker Room REVIEW

First of all Melbourne is a beautiful city, really great food, cold in winter but still bearable, the people are a bit rough on the edges though, especially some they have prejudices against Asians.

Crown casino poker melbourne
Crown casino poker melbourne

The Casino is beautifully located next to the Yarra River and right in the middle of the city. We stayed at an apartment 5 minutes away. The casino is pretty big and lots of people, the poker room is tucked on the basement floor with about 20 odd cash game tables and about another 15 for tournament only. Tables range from $1-2 to $5-10 with the occasional big game like $20-40 and $5-10 PLO. The action is 24/7 and usually you’re on the queue.

Plenty of recreational players to keep the game interesting. Big portion of retirees who are tight passive usually. Some occasional Asian businessmen throwing money around. The game is pretty soft but there is always a resident shark or two especially on the 5-5 and up.

Rake is usually 10% capped at $15 which I feel is pretty high. No flop and chop pots are still raked, and every time you sit down to a new game you have to pay $5 time charge. But rake is not the biggest problem. The problem I feel is with the buy in maximum. For $2-4 the max is $400, which is 100 big blinds. That is considered a pretty short max buy. For the $5-5 it is at $700. So say you’re down $1500, it is really hard for you to launch a comeback with $700.

Tables are clean and nice, the chips are a bit lightweight for my taste. No comps, no free food or drinks. Some sports on show but usually Australian sports like cricket, Aussie rules. Players are usually pretty cool, nice conversation, jokes here and there. But you get some grumpy old men, sore losers, and hit and runners.

All in all if you’re looking for non stop poker action it is a great place. However I’ve been to better. I will write some more about other poker rooms I have been to but I can say there are at least a few much better than here.