I have been to Seoul two times and both times I coincided my trip with the Asia Pacific Poker Tour stop. Usually that is around April which is Spring time in South Korea and the weather is a bit cold. Seoul is a beautiful city, but I feel like it is more like an outdated Japan. Things are expensive, food isn’t that nice, and neither are the people. Don’t get me wrong, Koreans can be pretty nice people, but on the whole, and I like to compare them to their neighbours the Japanese.

Poker Paradise WalkerHill Casino

Anyway this post is a review of the Walkerhill Poker Room rather than Seoul itself. The poker room is located at the Walkerhill Hotel and Casino on top of Walker Hill. The casino is beautiful and only foreigners are allowed in, so prepare your passport.

There are about 10 tables available but usually 4-5 are filled with games ranging from USD1-2 to USD 5-10 sometimes. The 1/2 however plays more like a 2/4.

The players are usually regulars and of course during tournament times you get your tour players as well. That being said the game is not that tough but not soft either. The room offers free snacks like frozen yogurt with walnuts (my favourite), dried squid, nuts, instant noodles and free drinks. However it is recommended that you tip the waitress that brings you the food or drinks.

The room also offers a bad beat jackpot for aces full of tens or better beaten by another hand. Both hands must use all hole cards and it must go to showdown. Apparently everytime during APPT season, due to the bigger number of games running, someone is bound to hit the jackpot. The jackpot usually gets up to over USD 10k which is pretty cool.

Poker Paradise WalkerHill Casino
Rake I believe is 10% capped at 5bb but I may be wrong. The dealers are all female and they are pretty and friendly. However I suspect most of them if not all have plastic surgery of some kind done.