Hi, I am Ozy, host of pokercalendar.asia. I had the pleasure of playing some events at the VSOP Club in Hanoi. I can highly recommend this room for live poker tournament action

What is Vietnam Series of Poker – VSOP?

VSOP is the Vietnam Series of Poker, which is the branding behind Vietnam’s major tournament series. VSOP hosts live poker tournaments and series around Vietnam mostly but has a relatively new room in Hanoi (2021) as their base, called VSOP Club.

VSOP Poker Club

Check out the youtube channel for VSOP.

History of the VSOP Club

The owner, Terry, did a splendid design on the VSOP Club within the last few years. Terry is a budding poker player himself (and a nice guy) and serious about giving poker players a top-class live poker tournament experience.

Location of VSOP Poker Club in Hanoi, Vietnam

The VSOP Club is inside a commercial building call Viet Tower, which is on a main intersection so it is easy to find. It’s in the heart of Hanoi in north Vietnam.

VSOP Poker Club

Nearby attractions to VSOP Poker Club

There are countless shops, restaurants, coffee shops and ATMs within the area. Also, a very short drive away is a huge modern mall with plenty of accommodations. Check airbnb or your hotel booking site.

The immediate neighbourhood is busy grey city, thousands of motor bikes, ridiculous traffic flows and hustle and bustly of a big city. Nearby attractions of interest are the coffee shop right downstairs and a huge mall down the road.

Where to stay near VSOP Poker Club

Check your hotel booking site. There is plenty around for all budgets. Across the road from the VSOP room is the Novotel, which receives positive reviews from poker players.

First impressions of VSOP Poker Club

As soon as a stepped into this room, I knew the owner had an excellent eye for detail and really cares to create a superior poker tournament experience. It feels like a modern poker room with cool lighting, well spaced tables, comfortable air conditioning and an overall sporty feel. This place is for immersive poker with a vibe.

VSOP Poker Club

Atmosphere of VSOP Poker Club

The room is geared for local players and visiting players from other cities and countries. Clearly they are positioned as the modern place to play serious poker tournaments. I felt very welcome to the room for playing the tournament and games.

The air in the rooms is clean. The air conditioning is working well. Smokers do their thing in another room.

VSOP Poker Club

Games at VSOP Poker Club

The VSOP poker club is for live poker tournaments. There are daily poker tournaments with small buy-ins. There are local series running each month. Larger buy-in series which would interest regulars and pros alike are called the Championship Series. I think they run 6 times per year. Further, a few times per year they host international events, in partnership with the likes of Asian Poker Tour and others. Those are listed on pokercalendar.asia. Hanoi is quickly becoming a center for poker tournaments in Asia and VSOP is making strides.

Ethics and Rules at VSOP Poker Club

During the few times I played at VSOP club so far, I felt a very clean game. I sensed no bias toward any group of players and that rules were fairly enforced. I sensed minimal soft playing and no collusion. Mostly rules were enforced enough and fairly.

Dealers at VSOP Poker Club

The dealers are all professionally trained, serious about smooth gameplay and friendly too. On the wall you can see the qualifications of the dealers and floor staff.

VSOP Poker Club

Well trained staff at VSOP Poker Club

There are plenty of well trained staff for all parts of the room from registration to help, dealers, floor staff and food and drinks.

Most people are speaking Vietnamese but all the staff have enough English so that international players will also have a smooth experience communicating.

Great food at VSOP Poker Club

VSOP Club has excellent food and drinks. The room has been designed with a restaurant and bar in mind. They have Vietnamese food that is cheap and excellent quality. I looked forward to every meal I had there. Also, you can eat and drink at the tables while playing, or in the restaurant.

VSOP Poker Club

VSOP Poker Club


The cashier is by the entrance. The staff service was prompt and accurate. Be aware, that for tournament winnings some tax is withheld for the government, somewhere between 10% and 15% of your profit on the event.

Contact and address for VSOP Poker Club

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vsop.noway/
Address: Tầng 6 Viet Tower Số 1 Thái Hà – Đống Đa – Hà Nội
Look for the coffee house. The entry is tucked away on the left-side of the building. Take the escalator to the sixth floor.

VSOP Poker Club


VSOP Poker Club is a well-managed and serious live tournament poker club for local and international players. I look forward to my next visit there.