Wynn Macau Poker Room – REVIEW

Wynn to begin with is a beautiful casino. Classy, nicely spaced, nice uniforms, interiors, thick carpets, decent seats, cool chips. The poker room is kinda towards the end of the casino. But there are clear signs directing people to the poker room. There is also a decent flow of passer-by to attract the occasional curious fish.

The table is a good size, and you can sit 10 players with accompanying friends sitting beside comfortably. Free drinks including juice, wine, and I think beer. Good service compared to Macau standards. Rake is 5% capped at HKD 200 no matter the stakes! Don’t tell Wynn this but that is such a great deal for grinders!

Wynn Macau Poker

Games were hot while I was there, granted it was the Chinese New Year season, but decent daily cash games that run 24/7, always at least 1 or 2 tables going no matter what time it is. While I was there the stakes were from HKD 25/50 to 1000/2000. That’s USD 150/300 or so.

The dealers were friendly and polite enough, action was fast and smooth, players usually courteous and well mannered. Free wifi provided and a waiting area for games. It is a very enjoyable poker room to play at.

There are some cons as well. Being the best rake of Macau, they attract a lot of grinders, so the game might be considered tougher than others, however you still get decent number of fish to keep most players happy. The other thing was it got so crowded I was twice on the table that was broken to up the stakes. But I guess good on them to run a good game that a lot of people wanted to play in.

Wynn Macau Poker