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Ace8 United Tournament N.A.J 8888

18 Nov 2020 to 29 Nov 2020

Ace8 國際德州撲克競技協會 international poker assocition, Taipei City
Ace8 國際德州撲克競技協會, is hosting the Ace8 United Tournament N.A.J 8888 located in Taipei City from 18 Nov 2020 to 29 Nov 2020.

Poker tournament series details

Link to event structures & blind levels PDF | link to event schedule PDF | Ace8 United Tournament N.A.J 8888 is a poker tournament in Taipei, Taiwan. In 2016, the ACE8 International Poker Association launched in Taipei with a professional team, international-level standard facilities, and professional dealers. Since the opening they have become a standard in the Taiwan Poker Tour Association! Exclusive events for members include: Super Seasonal Tournament, Monthly Tournament, Mega Stack Series, Classic Series, and Poker King Series. They have become the key events of Taiwan Texas Hold’em and also represent the brand events for ACE8.In 2018, the new facility has been expanded to more than 400 square meters and can accommodate up to 15 standard tables. The neo-classical design is spacious and comfortable. There is an independent VIP ROOM for all members to enjoy a high-standard environment during competitions.Beside live events, ACE8 offers online poker tournaments and joint hosting online events with other brands. Members can participate in online MTT, Live Game and Satellite Ticket, allowing players to enjoy competitions and fun anywhere, anytime. In addition, Newcomers’ Games, SNG Tournaments and High Stakes Tournaments are held regularly to satisfy all kinds of players!


Taipei, Taiwan