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AJPC Asian Circuit | PARADISE CITY (KOREA) 2017

Buy In 1,000,000W + 100,000W 15h November

14 Dec 2017 to 18 Dec 2017

Paradise City Incheon, Seoul
AJPC, is hosting the AJPC Asian Circuit | PARADISE CITY (KOREA) 2017 located in Seoul from 14 Dec 2017 to 18 Dec 2017.

Poker tournament series details

The AJPC (All Japan Poker Championship) started its poker tournament in 2007 in Japan, and has continued holding the events over the following 10 years. In 2018, the AJPC is going to expand its operation to other Asian countries. To commemorate its first international event, the AJPC ASIAN CIRCUIT will be held at Paradise City in Incheon, Korea for five days from December 14 th till 18th. It offers a variety of events to entertain all the poker players from beginners to the advanced players.

Thursday Dec 14th
1:00PM #1 Opening Event 550,000(500,000+50,000)
6:00PM Main Event Satellite 330,000(300,000+30,000)
9:00PM Main Event Satellite 550,000(500,000+50,000)
Friday Dec 15th
1:00 PM S PARADISE CITY POKER CUP Free(Invitational)
3:00PM #2 Super High Roller Day1 11,800,000(11,000,000+800,000)
6:00PM #3 Main Event Day1A 1,100,000(1,000,000+100,000)
7:00PM #4 550,000 NLH 550,000(500,000+50,000)
9:00PM Main Event Satellite 330,000(300,000+30,000)
Saturday Dec 16th
12:00PM #3 Main Event Day1B 1,100,000(1,000,000+100,000)
12:00PM Super High Roller Final
7:00PM #5 High Roller Day1 5,500,000(5,000,000+500,000)
8:00PM #6 Deep Stack Day1 880,000(800,000+80,000)
10:00PM Players Cocktail Party Free
Sunday Dec 17th
12:00PM Main Event Day2
1:00PM #7 330,000NLH Turbo 330,000(300,000+30,000)
1:00PM Deep Stack Final
6:00PM #8 550,000NLH Turbo 550,000(500,000+50,000)
7:00PM High Roller Final
Monday Dec 18th
12:00PM Main Event Final
1:00PM #9 330,000NLH Turbo 330,000(300,000+30,000)

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・Same day re-entry is allowed before the start of round 7 or round 9 except for Event #S.
・ALL Buy Ins and Fees are in Korean Won (KRW) .
・3% Staff Charge on all tournaments.
・Unlimited re-entry for Main Event Satellite.
・This schedule may be updated without prior notice.
・TDA Tournament Rules Apply.