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All Japan Poker Championship (AJPC) Asian Circuit Deep Stack 2019

Main Buy-in: KRW 1.1M

10 Oct 2019 to 14 Oct 2019

Paradise City Incheon, Seoul
AJPC, is hosting the All Japan Poker Championship (AJPC) Asian Circuit Deep Stack 2019 located in Seoul from 10 Oct 2019 to 14 Oct 2019.
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Poker tournament series details

All Japan Poker Championship (AJPC) Asian Circuit Deep Stack 2019 is a poker tournament in Incheon,Korea.2019 AJPC Asian Circuit -Deep Stack Poker Tournament will be held at the Paradise City Casino from 10th till 14th of October. The tournament features over 14 events which include Samurai Deep, High Roller Turbo, Flip Out and Main Event to mention but a few.

Thursday Oct 10th
1:00PM #1 Warm Up 220,000(200,000+20,000)
6:00PM #2 Opening Event 330,000(300,000+30,000)

Friday Oct 11th
1:00PM #3 Monster Deep Turbo 330,000(300,000+30,000)
2:00PM SP1 第1回 日刊ゲンダイ杯 最強戦 —
6:00PM #4 AJPC Deep Stack 550,000(500,000+50,000)
9:00PM #5 Crazy KO Bounty 330,000(150,000+150,000+30,000)

Saturday Oct 12th
12:00PM SP2 第2回 日刊ゲンダイ杯 最強戦 —
1:00PM #6 AJPC KO Bounty 550,000(400,000+100,000+50,000)
6:00PM #7 ★Main Event – Day1 1,100,000(1,000,000+100,000)

Sunday Oct 13th
11:00AM #7 ★Main Event – Day2 —
2:00PM #8 SAMURAI”侍” Deep 550,000(500,000+50,000)
#9 Flip Out 100,000(90,000+10,000)
8:00PM #10 High Roller Turbo 3,000,000(2,750,000+250,000)
9:00PM #11 HKGC CrazyKO Bounty 440,000(200,000+200,000+40,000)

Monday Oct 14th
1:00PM #7 ★Main Event – Day3 Final —
1:00PM #12 Final Monster 770,000(700,000+70,000)
6:00PM #13 High Roller Turbo 2,000,000(1,920,000+180,000)
6:00PM #14 Last Event 550,000(500,000+50,000)