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Asian Poker Tour (APT) Korea – Seoul & Incheon 2020

14 Jul 2020 to 31 Jul 2020

Grand Walkerhill Casino (Seoul) and Paradise City (Incheon), Seoul and Incheon
APT, is hosting the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Korea – Seoul & Incheon 2020 located in Seoul and Incheon from 14 Jul 2020 to 31 Jul 2020.
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Poker tournament series details

Asian Poker Tour (APT) Korea – Seoul & Incheon 2020 is a poker tournament in Korea.For 2020, the tour merges the Seoul and Incheon together for the first-ever back-to-back APT poker festival. The event is an 18 day swing starting at Seoul for 7 days then Incheon for 11 days.APT Korea – Incheon was first held in 2017 and has since become a regular stop in the yearly lineup. Seoul was added to the list in 2018. Despite locals prohibited from participating, this year saw both stops smash their advertised guarantees. It also produced the richest APT Incheon of over USD 1.3 million in prizes paid out.


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