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Hong Kong Poker Tour HKPT 2023

20 Jun 2023 to 25 Jun 2023

Paradise City Incheon, Seoul
HKPT, is hosting the Hong Kong Poker Tour HKPT 2023 located in Seoul from 20 Jun 2023 to 25 Jun 2023.
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HKPT Event Schedule is finally here.

Hong Kong Poker Tour is set to host the first stop of its tour at Paradise City in Korea from June 20th to 25th with a guaranteed prize pool of one billion Korean won. This marks the debut of the first Hong Kong poker brand at the largest luxury casino in Korea, and we would like to express our gratitude again to the Paradise City poker team and the Korean government for their support.

The purpose of the Hong Kong Poker Tour is to promote Hong Kong culture overseas and attract foreign visitors to travel to Hong Kong to experience its unique culture. HKPT has combined Hong Kong culture with the sport of poker, naming each event with a Hong Kong-centric theme and incorporating Eastern elements into each game. In addition, well-known Hong Kong stars Eric Kwok and Wilfred Lau will participate in the Round Table Poker Celebrity Invitational, adding further excitement to the HKPT Korea stop.

We are honored to be the first poker brand in history to live-stream in Paradise City, giving global audiences the opportunity to experience the highly representative Hong Kong-style poker game.

Our HKPT team sincerely invites all poker lovers to participate in this event. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the perfect combination of Hong Kong culture and poker. We look forward to your attendance from June 20th to 25th!


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