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Ri Yue Tan Cup

05 Jun 2018 to 12 Jun 2018

Beijing Poker Club, Beijing
Beijing Poker Club, is hosting the Ri Yue Tan Cup located in Beijing from 05 Jun 2018 to 12 Jun 2018.

Poker tournament series details

Two months ago, poker players in China were delivered gut-punching news that all online poker apps would be banned starting June 1, 2018. With poker organizers highly reliant on online poker apps to fuel their live events in China, this led to the uncertainty of poker’s future in the country.

But all hope is not lost. Despite the challenges, the Ri Yue Tan Cup proceeded as planned at Beijing Poker Club from June 5 – 12, 2018. The event was a huge success with 1105 entries. This was the first known live event of its size held in Mainland China since the ban.