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Singapore Poker Championships XIV

07 Sep 2019 to 08 Sep 2019

MV Aegean Paradise, Singapore
Singapore Poker Championships, is hosting the Singapore Poker Championships XIV located in Singapore from 07 Sep 2019 to 08 Sep 2019.
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Poker tournament series details

The SPC is held on board the luxury cruise liner MV Aegean Paradise, and is a continuation of the Leisure World Poker Series, which ran from 2010-2015. The Singapore Poker Championships inherits the LWPS’ mantle of being the sole, competitive tournament poker provider in the region. The SPC is conducted in the Jubilee, located on the 4th floor of the Aegean Paradise. The Poker Room has an attendant bar, a tournament registration ticketing system, rest facilities, a projection and sound system. During SPC weekends, the venue also conducts Texas Hold’em cash games, and Sit N Go tournaments upon demand.Visit our comprehensive MV Aegean Paradise FAQ for answers to all your boarding related questions.Updated ferry schedules can be found here.Book your ferry tickets here.Event structures can be found here