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TPC Tiger Poker Cup 2019 Season 1

Buy-in: CNY 8.8K

03 Apr 2019 to 09 Apr 2019

Runner Runner Poker Club, Beijing
Runner Runner Poker Club, is hosting the TPC Tiger Poker Cup 2019 Season 1 located in Beijing from 03 Apr 2019 to 09 Apr 2019.
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Poker tournament series details

Despite the departure of big poker brands like the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker from China, the live poker scene in mainland China is still alive and well. One recent proof is the Tiger Poker Cub in Beijing that created a prize pool of approximately USD 1 million last week.The event was held from 3rd to 9th April at the Runner Runner Poker Club and had a buy-in of CNY 8,800 (~USD 1,300)