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World Poker Tour WPT Deepstacks Taiwan 2020

Main Buy-in : NTD 15K

11 Dec 2020 to 21 Dec 2020

CTP Club, Taipei
World Poker Tour, is hosting the World Poker Tour WPT Deepstacks Taiwan 2020 located in Taipei from 11 Dec 2020 to 21 Dec 2020.
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Link to event structures & blind levels PDF | link to event schedule PDF | World Poker Tour WPT Deepstacks Taiwan 2020 is a poker tournament in Taipei,Taiwan.The World Poker Tour, otherwise known as the WPT, is a huge poker tournament brand that hosts many different poker tournaments around the world. The World Poker Tour was founded on May 27th, 2002 in the United States. It has changed ownership over the years with PartyGaming buying the WPT in November 2009. PartyGaming merged with bwin and eventually sold the company to Ourgame international. The WPT is hosted annually and broadcast on TV in over 150 countries. As of 2016, the World Poker Tour signed a five-year contract with Fox Sports for them to have exclusive broadcasting rights.


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