Let’s simplify what Leveling is. Let’s say you are playing Rock Paper Scissors with your brother. First round both of you showed a Rock.

It’s a tie.

    1. After years of playing with him, you know that he rarely goes Rock – Rock twice back to back. So you are guessing he will be doing Paper or Scissors.
      1. If he does Scissors, you need to do Rock
      2. If he does Paper, you need to do Scissors
      3. But if you do Rock and he does Paper you will lose
      4. If you do Scissors and he does Scissors it’s a tie.
      5. Since he rarely does Rock after Rock then Scissors has the best chance to win.
    2. Your brother really wants to win, he knows that you know you know he rarely does the same sign back to back. So he knows you will go Paper or Scissors. Based on the logic above, he thinks you will go for Scissors.
      1. Since you most likely you will go for Scissors then he will stick with Rock
    3. But you see a smirk on your brother’s face. It seems like he is up to something cheeky. You know he he knows you know he rarely does the same sign back to back, so he might be trapping you by repeating the Rock to catch your Scissors.
      1. So you decide to go for Paper

Of course a Rock Paper Scissor game rarely has any huge significance compared to a poker game where money is wagered. Also there is not enough time to level your opponent out on RPS but on poker where you have a few minutes to think, you can out-think and out-wit your opponent.