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APF, The Millionaire Maker 2020

Main buy-In: PHP 5.5K

12 Jan 2020 to 17 Jan 2020

APF Poker Room, Sheraton Manila Bay, Manila
Pokerstars Live, is hosting the APF, The Millionaire Maker 2020 located in Manila from 12 Jan 2020 to 17 Jan 2020.

Poker tournament series details

APF, The Millionaire Maker 2020 is a poker tournament in Malate,Philippines.10 years ago,Malate is what we would call the center of Manila’s poker scene. The first APT was held in Malate and poker rooms during those times sprouted like a mushroom.As the years passed by, the majority of the poker rooms have closed down and some have changed location. But Malate is still the true center for poker in Manila.Located in the heart of Malate, it made sense for APF to open its doors there, at the poker scene for its history. It was the poker room of one of the most popular athletes in the Philippines. The place had its moments, it eventually was converted into a casino and then a warehouse. One day A man had a vision of bringing poker back to it, back to its glory days.It took almost a year for all the paperwork to be done. Now that it is finished, APF Poker room finally opened its doors to bring back the poker action where it belonged.The soft opening was well received. As they wanted to hold a grand opening, they have decided to keep it short and simple. A number of tables were opened early and the poker action was exciting.The APF poker room is Headed by Mike Kim, a well-known leader in the poker industry. He has opened many doors that paved the way for major growth of the poker industry to the local market. He had launched new ideas and even brought a well-known poker brand to come to Manila. Mike Kim has worked with some of the biggest poker brands in the world and having him as the head for the APF poker room was a wise choice.