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Asian Poker Tour (APT) Philippines 2022

06 Sep 2022 to 17 Sep 2022

Resorts World Manila, Manila
, is hosting the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Philippines 2022 located in Manila from 06 Sep 2022 to 17 Sep 2022.
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The APT Philippines 2022 will run from September 6 to 18, 2022 at the Resorts World Manila Newport Grand Wing Casino.

Full event schedule to be released soon.

Multiple re-entry allowed before the close of registration.

Best stack forward format:

Players that qualify to Day 2 from a previous Day 1 may re-enter a new Starting Day.
Players qualifying with multiple stacks to Day 2 will only play their largest stack. Other stacks will be removed from play.
Players are allowed to forfeit their stack before close of registration to re-enter.
Shot Clock Events:

The Shot Clock will be introduced once the event is down to 6 tables left in play after the close of registration.
The Shot Clock will begin with an initial 30-second count down.
Once a player exhausts the initial 30-second count down, that player will immediately owe a Time Bank button and will owe another one after each 60-second countdown expires.
The Shot Clock will be paused if the Dealer needs to count out a bet of multiple chips that have multiple denominations and stacks.
A player’s hand will be killed immediately after the time on the Shot Clock has expired and the player is out of Time Bank buttons.
Number of Time Banks per type of event:

Main Event = 5 initial + 5 for Final 8 players
2 Day High Roller events = 4 initial + 4 for Final 8 players
High Roller Single Day event = 4 initial (at start) + 3 for Final 8 players
2 Day and NLH Single Day events = 3 initial + 3 for Final 8 players
Turbos and Hyper Turbo events = 2 initial + 2 for Final 8 players
*Addional Time Banks for the Final 8 does not apply for events that have 20 or less players.
Event Notes:

The “ANTE BB” format utilizes the ante first before big blind in the event the big blind cannot cover the full amount for the ANTE and BB.
The “ANTE BB” structure remains the same regardless number of the number of players at a table.
An event designed to finish in 2 days will become a 1 day event if the Final 8 Players are reached by 22:00.
The starting level for the Final 8 Players will be at a minimum average stack of 30 times the Big Blind. (not applicable to Turbo events).
ALL Buy Ins and Fees are in Philippine Peso (PHP)

3% Staff Charge on all tournaments except for Super High Roller & Satellites
All events will be paid to the nearest 100 (Mystery Bounties to the nearest 1,000)
Minimum age limit is 21 years of age
A, B, C, D, E refers to category of event towards Player of the Series (POS).
This schedule may be updated without prior notice
APT reserves the right to cancel guarantee/s due to Force Majeure: Earthquake, Flooding and/or Typhoon
APT Tournament Rules Apply


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